Our Activities

Our Activities

Major Activities of GMSA UDS TAMALE CAMPUS

1. Weekly Ta’aleem ( Sisters only)
This is our weekly Islamic get together session exclusively for sisters. It is organized by the office of the women’s Commissioner every Sunday at 9am (LR 6) and seeks to offer a platform for sisters to identify with one another and also learn about religion.

2. Weekly Jalasah (for brothers)
This is the version of Ta’aleem for brothers usually organized on Fridays between Maghrib and Isha at (LR 6)

3. Weekly teaching and learning of Qur’an)
Brothers and sisters get an opportunity to teach and learn the Qur’an on weekends after Fajr till sunrise at Imam Sadat Mosque.

4. Jumu’ah Prayers on Campus
We observed Jumu’ah prayers at the campus mosque at FOE and SMHS every Friday at 1:00pm. Khutbah starts at 12:30pm

5. Monthly Visitations to Senior High Schools
We pay visits to the Senior High schools within Tamale on a monthly basis. This is one of the activities of the GMSA Da’awah committee.

6. Educational Lectures
We also invite scholars to talk on key topics pertaining to our lives as Muslim students on campus and beyond. We usually have two to three such lectures per trimester.

7. Eid Prayers
GMSA organizes for the observation of Eid on campus during both Eidul-Fitr and Eidul-Adha

8. Sports Competitions
We play friendly games with sister associations on campus and off campus, especially with Nyankpala Campus.

9. Social visits among the Ummah
We pray regular visits to our members to check on how they are fairing on campus. These visits are extended to non-muslims as well.

10. Public Health Education
We run a weekly health education program on radio every weekend on Radio Justice 98.5 MHZ. (www.radiojusticeonline.com)