About Us

About Us

Brief History of GMSA UDS on Tamale Campus

GMSA-UDS is as old as the University itself. However, GMSA-UDS Tamale campus is only as old as the time the campus was moved from Nyankpala to Tamale. It was born in 2008 with the relocation of the school of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) to Tamale. GMSA currently has a membership of over 2000 students on Tamale campus; and this continues to increase each year. The Association represents the frontline organization and mouthpiece of all Muslims on campus, devoid of any sectionalism, tribal or any other discrimination.

Presidents who served the Association

1. Adam Abdul Kahar 2010 / 2011 Administration

2. Salim Mansur Bamba 2011 / 2012 Administration ( Central President)

3. Osman Abdullah Musah 2012 / 2013 Administration

4. Askanda Salam 2013 / 2014 Administration

5. Zakari Abdul Fataw 2014 / 2015 Administration

6. Yussif Mohammed Abul Hairi 2015 / 2016 Administration ( Central President)

7. Yussif Mohammed Abul Hairi 2016 / 2017 Administration



Our office is located in the same building with Singdoo photocopy shop behind the Central Administration block.

It is stocked with both Islamic and non-Islamic literature to enlighten students and increase their knowledge base.

We are open on Monday to Saturday from 8am to 7pm for official GMSA transactions. And on Sunday from 8am to 1:30pm for counseling services with the Imams.

Feel free to pay us a visit anytime soon!!!

You can contact us on:


C/o Alhaji Nurudeen Issah Abubakar, GMSA UDS TAMALE CAMPUS
P.O. Box TL1350