Mr. Chairman, The Honourable Northern Regional Minister, The Able Speaker, The Head Of Students Information System Unit,
……………. Members Of The High Table, The Media,
Association Presidents, Brothers And Sisters From Sister Schools, My Brothers And Sisters, All Protocols Dully Observe.
With the best salutation of peace, of mercy, and the greetings of the people of jannah, I great you all as salaamu alaykum warahamatullaah….
I am very happy to be given this special opportunity at this special occasion to address special audience.
Mr. Chairman, Ghana Muslim Students Association-University for Development Studies is the mouthpiece and sole representative organization of all Muslim students in UDS, on religion, moral and spiritual matters and have the complete power to represent all Muslim Students in the University in matters within and outside the university that are affecting all Muslim Students
GMSA-UDS is an integrated body of all the GMSA branches in the university and always concerns itself with the affairs of the university but not engage itself in partisan party politics or tribal issues. GMSA is guided by a constitution and the constitution is subjected to the Quran and Hadiths
Mr. Chairman, GMSA offers a common forum for the discussion of Muslim students problems, to co-ordinate the activities of such students, to formulate Muslim students’ opinions and generally to promote a spirit of unity, brotherhood and understanding among all Muslims
GMSA helps in propagating the message of Islam and also inculcate in Muslim students the requisite leadership qualities and values necessary for the general mobilization of Muslims for community growth and development. GMSA encourages and promotes both secular and Islamic Education.
Due to the Multi Campus nature of UDS, we have a Central
GMSA which co-ordinate the activities of all the GMSA branches in the University. This Central GMSA Seat rotates among the Campuses in line with the SRC Central Seat.
Mr. Chairman, The Central GMSA organizes annual GMSA week celebration where all Muslim Students at the various Campuses come together to address issues affecting them.
Nyankpala Campus is hosting this year’s Central Seat hence responsible for organizing the Central GMSA Week celebration
Mr. Chairman, my Brothers and Sisters, GMSA-UDS TLC to be précised was born in 2008 with the relocation of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences to Tamale.
GMSA-UDS TLC has a lot of activities including; observation of jummuah prayers on Campus every Friday at 1:00pm and khuthubah starts at 12:30pm. We also have Educational lectures by inviting scholars to talk on key topics pertaining to our lives as Muslim Students on campus and beyond. We celebrate both Eid-ul Fitir and Eid-ul adhah on Campus.
Mr. Chairman, we run a weekly Health Educational Programme on Radio every Saturday at Justice 98.5MHZ from 8:00pm to 9:00pm. This is done by the Public Health Education Committee
(PHEC). The Committee meets every Friday 3:30pm at Lecture Hall Six (6) of the Faculty of Education Block. I entreat Brothers and Sisters from the Faculty of Education, especially Development Education Students to join this Committee. There are a times we discuss issues relating to the environment and I believe development Education Students can handle that better.
We also have Islamic Studies every weekend at Imam Sadat Mosque where you can learn your religion whiles on Campus. The subjects we study include; Qur’anic Studies, Tajweed and Fikh. These come immediately after Fajir prayer.
Mr. Chairman, we have Islamic Studies exclusively for ladies on Sundays at Lecture Room nine (9) where our ladies learn and discuss issues relating to them as Sisters. I entreat my dear Sisters to seize this opportunity.
GMSA-UDS TLC organizes programmes such as; Welcoming of Freshers, General Meetings, Climax of Islamic Studies, Handing over Ceremonies and others
Mr. Chairman, all these activities cannot be done by one person. Hence we have executives and Committee Heads who spearhead these activities.
At this juncture Mr. Chairman, permit me to introduce the executives and the Committee Heads to our dear freshmen and women………..
N0 Name Position
1 Issah Abdul Aziz
Education L300) President. I was the 3nd Deputy Organizer last year.
2 Abubakari Mohammed Muzamil (Community
Nutrision CN L400) Vice President, He served as Chairman of PHEC for only Three Months and handed over due to his position as the Vice president.
3 Abubakari Abdul
Razak (Nursing L400) Secretary
4 Saeed Nawaf (CN
L400) Chief Imam and the Chairman of the Da’awah Committee. He Served as Deputy Imam last year
5 Issahak Abdul-Latif Aqeeda (DE L400) 1st Deputy Imam
6 Iddrisu Sa-ad (DE
L200) 2nd Deputy Imam
7 Tanko Ukashetu (CN L400) Women Commissioner

8 Abdallah Samira Gunu (DE L200) Deputy Wocom
9 Husein Alhassan
Zaapayim (CN L400) Organizer and the Chairman of the Organizing Committee.
10 Ibrahim Mohammed
Saani (CN L400) 1ST Deputy Organizer, the budding poet
11 Alhassan B Sulley (DE L300) 2nd Deputy Organizer
12 Yakubu Salimata (CN L400) Women Organizer
13 Samira Mohammed
Shewu T (DE L400) On behalf of myself and the entire members, permit me Mr. Chairman to congratulate the Deputy women organizer for her marriage. Alhamdulillaah, she would have been with us here but she is currently having her wedding ceremony at Kumasi. May Allah give her a fruitful marriage and grant the singles righteous partners.
14 Masahudu Azaratu (CN L400) Treasurer
15 Iddrisu Tayibatu
(Nursing L400) Financial Secretary
16 Abukari Abdul Rashid (CN L400) He is our Mu’azin and the chairman of the Mosque Management Committee. He also served as a Deputy
Mu’azin last year.
17 Alhassan Abdul Rashid W (DDE L200) Assistant Mu’azin
18 Issah Salifu (CN L400) Public Relation Officer (PRO)
19 Abass Muftawu (DE
L400) Assistant PRO

We also have the Welfare Committee Chair, who is the person of Alhassan Taurik (CN L400). He was our PHEC Chair last year. The Welfare Committee is responsible for the general wellbeing of Muslims.
We also have Issahaku Illiasu (CN L400) as the Chairman of the Public Health Education Committee (PHEC)
We have our brother Abdul Karim Umar Apord as the Chairman of Audit Committee. He also served as Deputy Organizer last year. The Committee is responsible for auditing the income and expenditure of GMSA.
We also have Sports Committee chair by the person of Hamidu
Suraj, popularly call Shatta. And the winner of this year’s GMSA Most Strongest.
We also have The Electoral Committee which is responsible for vetting and conducting of GMSA elections. The Electoral Commissioner is not supposed to be introduced until the last general meeting of second trimester.
Mr. Chairman, let me commend the Community Nutrition Level 400 Students and the entire Department for their Passion, dedication and commitment to the service of GMSA. Indeed, they represent the majority of GMSA leadership. My special gratitude to Hajia Ayishetu Gariba in that Department.
Mr. Chairman, we also have our father, mentor, and guardian. He is a Senior Assistant Registrar and Head of Academic Affairs Unit. He is the GMSA-UDS TLC Patron. He has helped GMSA a lot and still helping. This person is not any other person but Alhaji Nurudeen Issah Abubakari. Indded, he wished to have been with us here but he equally has another special programme at Accra.
GMSA-UDS TLC faces a lot of challenges including, inadequate Fund. Our source of income is the dues we take from members and majority of members become reluctant when it comes to dues payment, especially Brothers and Sisters from Faculty of Education. I therefore encourage members to pay their dues for the smooth running of the Association.
We are currently constructing a mosque on Campus and we find it difficult funding the project. The project is jointly fund by Islamic Council for Development and Humanitarian Services (ICODEHS) and Students I therefore call on Students, Staff and the general public to assist us in the construction of the Campus Mosque.
Sectionalism is also another challenge to us. Indeed, GMSA belongs to all Muslim Students on Campus and does not belong to any sec. I entreat members to resist any act that will bring disunity among the Muslim Ummah.
Mr. Chairman, My Brothers and Sisters, to find more about GMSA-UDS TLC, we have social media platforms such as watsApp, facebook and official website where you can follow our activities.
We also have an office located in the same building with Sindoo photocophy shop behind this Central Administration block. The office is stock with both Islamic and non-Islamic literature to enlighten students and increase their knowledge base. We are open on Monday to Saturday from 8:00am to 5:00pm for official GMSA transactions. And on Mondays for counseling services with the Imams.
Mr. Chairman, I would like to climax my speech by calling on all Muslim Students to be discipline as it a core mandate of Muslim. Let us not engage in any form of indiscipline acts that will tarnish the image of Islam; Examination malpractice, stealing, fighting and any form of extremism. This is why we Chose the theme for today’s programme as “Discipline; the Role of a Muslim Student”.
I thank everyone for coming and I wish all the level 100 and the entire Students a successful stay on Campus. Long live GMSA, Long live UDS, and long live Ghana.
Wa salaamu alaykum……